Bass Pro Shops Commercial using 50K SoftSun

In this national Bass Pro Shops television commercial using 50K SoftSun lights, two lights were used to simulate daylight as the light was moved moved from one side of the Bass Pro Shops store to the other side.

The 50K SoftSun lights were rigged on a 200 foot crane that reached out over the Bass Pro Shops building and into the glass atrium of the store.  As the crane moved the lights from one side of the atrium to the other, the two 50K SoftSun lights simulated daylight coming through the windows of the store for different times of day. 

The SoftSun 50K lights enabled the production to be shot in the evening (even though the spots needed daylight), rather than during the daytime, thus eliminating the need to disrupt the regular store operation.

This television commercial was shot in Orlando, FL.

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