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Lightning Strikes 250K Linear

The Lightning Strikes 250K linear light offers patented lighting effects technology featuring dramatically bright light and precise control of lighting effects for sets, locations and concert stages. Lightning Strikes fixtures are mainly used to reproduce a natural lightning effect or other bright flash effect where precise control is important.

Designed as a fully interchangeable product line, all Lighting Strikes fixtures, including the Lightning Strikes 250K Linear, have the following features:

  • 5600º Kelvin Daylight
  • Dimmable to 20% of their output without losing, or changing, color temperature
  • Shortest flash duration of 1/24th of a second
  • Fully functional with all Lightning Strikes Controllers
  • ETL approved, fully sealed, and weatherproof
  • DMX controllable
Dimensions 42″x17″x11″
Weight 55 lbs.
Light Output 250,000 watts
Color Temperature 5,600º Kelvin
Volts AC (50/60hz) 208-250 VAC
Photometric Data
Beam Angle: Flood – 35º, Spot – 12º, Horizontal – 100º
5ft 10ft 15ft 25ft 50ft 75ft 100ft 150ft 200ft
1.5m 5m 4.6m 7.6m 15.2m 22.7m 30.5m 45.7m 61m
360,000 ftc 90,000 ftc 42,200 ftc 15,200 ftc 3,650 ftc 1,690 ftc 950 ftc 420 ftc 240 ftc