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Xenotech Britelight 2K Xenon

The Xenotech Britelight 2K Xenon is the most powerful intermediate-sized portable searchlight system. It is ideally suited for any application requiring an intense beam of light with a minimum of lamp head size and weight. The Xenotech Britelight 2K Xenon is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in motion picture production, rental, and other high demand searchlight applications.

The lamp head optical system utilizes a unique 2000 watt short-arc xenon lamp and a high efficiency short focal length electroformed parabolic reflector to produce an intense beam of collimated daylight-balanced light.,The optical system also encompasses a motorized focus mechanism that allows the beam angle to be adjusted from the lamp head, ballast, or from a remote location when using the optional remote control system. Power control switches located on the rear of the lamp head allow the lamp to be ignited and extinguished at the lamp head as well as the ballast and in remote control locations.

The lamp head cooling system utilizes a high-volume, low-velocity blower, extensive sound absorbing, vibration dampening, and baffling to attain the lowest sound of any comparable system. The lamp head yoke terminates in a standard 1-1/8″ pin, allowing the use of all stands, hanging, and mounting devices configured for this size pin. The Britelight 2000 lamp head is safety listed as “suitable of wet locations” by ETL

The Britelight 2000 electronic ballast was introduced in early 1990. It was the first compact 2000 watt xenon ballast designed specifically for portable use in the conditions found in motion picture production and equipment rental applications. In these few short years it has become one the most popular and sought after items in our product line and a standard in the entertainment industry.

Always seeking to improve the performance and reliability of our products, we redesigned the Britelight 2000 electronic ballast. In addition to the performance and features you have come to expect, the new redesigned electronic ballast incorporates the latest power factor corrected switching power supply technology and has been designed with an additional 50% over nominal power capacity for maximum reliability. The ballast’s thermal management system has been improved to provide extended operation in hot environments. As always, the ballast power input is configured for single phase operation for use anywhere in the world.

The ballast output supplies DC current with no AC line ripple. This pure DC output produces an unvarying light from the lamp allowing use of any shutter speed without concerns of synchronizing the camera with the line frequency. The stability of the ballast output also makes unnecessary the use of a crystal synchronized generator. Overall, this is an ideal light source for high speed and special effects photography applications.

Color Temperature 5600 K (constant)
Operating Temperature -18°C to +50°C (0°F to 120 °F)
Cooling System Forced Air
Peak Beam Candle Power 195 million
Diameter of Front Aperture 13″
Diameter of Parabolic Reflector 12.88″
Weight of Fixture Only 52 lbs
Weight of Shipping Case 42 lbs
Total Weight 94 lbs
Weight of Power Ballast 45 lbs
Dimensions of Fixture 15″ x 21″ x 24″
Dimensions of Shipping Case 35″ x 20″ x 20″
Dimensions of Power Ballast 19.5″ x 15″ x 9.5″
Termination 20 amp Bates
Input Voltage AC 208-230 VAC
Phase 3
Input Current 20 amps
Output Voltage DC – 22 – 30
Output Current DC – 50 – 85

Photometric Data
Full Spot 50′ 24" 7500
Full Flood 50′ 42" 1600
Full Spot 100′ 35" 1875
Full Flood 100′ 72" 444
Full Spot 150′ 46" 833
Full Flood 150′ 101" 178