Last Vegas Feature Film using 50K SoftSun

For this feature film using 50K SoftSun lights, two (2) lights were used to replicate sunlight coming through the windows of the Aria Hotel Suite on the set of Last Vegas. The Aria Hotel set for Last Vegas was built in an Atlanta warehouse space that is now being used as a soundstage. 

Atlanta has a limited amount of actual stage space available. Therefore, warehouses with limited floor to ceiling height and reduced overall square footage are being substituted for spacious soundstages.  This posed a problem with how to create the sunlight coming through the window of the set, which was built on a platform very close to the soundstage wall.

THE SOLUTION: Two (2) 50K SoftSun lights rigged on a sliding truss between the translight and the set.  As the theoretical time of day in the scene progressed, the 50K SoftSun lights would be slid from one position to another to change the angle of daylight coming thru the windows of the set.  

With the limited space for the fixtures that needed to produce the sunlight throught the windows, the 50K SoftSun lights were the ideal solution for numerous reasons:

  • The Spread of the Softsun are able to cover from the top of the set to the bottom working within the limited amount of space provided.
  • They are Dimmable down to 10%, so as the sun rose or set, the light levels could easily be adjusted with the DMX Control.
  • Large Soft Source…so there is one shadow that replicates the actual sun

This feature film using 50K SoftSun lights was filmed in Atlanta, GA.

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