Nadderud Stadion Soccer – Live Sporting Event using 100K SoftSun Lights

This live sporting event using 100K SoftSun lights leveraged SoftSun capabilities for a nationally broadcast football (soccer) match at Nadderud Stadion in Norway.

100K SoftSun lights are being used more frequently for the lighting of large sports fields. 

A live sporting event using 100K SoftSun lights is advantageous because of the unique features of SoftSun lights:

  • Instant on with No warmup time.
  • Dimmable down to 10% and then ramped up to 100% with No Delay
  • Large Sources, so there are far fewer shadows
  • Flicker Free even at high speeds, therefore there will never be a pulse or a flicker on the video even with 4K and Super Slow-mo cameras
  • Daylight source specifically designed for superior High Definition video color rendering
  • Can operate in any climate

This live sporting event using 100K SoftSun lights took place in Bekkestua, Norway.

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