Purdue University Football Game using 50K SoftSun

Ross-Ade Stadium was the site of a televised football game using 50K SoftSun lights. Multiple 50K SoftSun lights were used to illuminate the stadium for the recent NCAA football matchup between Purdue University and the University of Michigan that was televised on The Big 10 Network.

Several 50,000 Watt SoftSun lights, the world’s most powerful and controllable single source lights, were installed. This was the first time SoftSun lights were used in place of the traditional portable lighting towers to light a Big 10 late afternoon game.

The SoftSun lights provided a consistent soft light source across the entire field, and did not produce glare and long shadows that are common with traditional portable light towers. Furthermore, because the lights were placed on the sidelines and not in the end zone corners, the Quarterbacks and Receivers were not staring into lights.

The use of our 50,000 Watt SoftSun lights has become increasingly popular in large scale HD telecasts because they deliver superior color quality that helps to enhance the High Definition Experience.

This Purdue University football game using 50K SoftSun lights was televised live from West Lafayette, IN.

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