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SoftSun 3.5K Parabolic

The SoftSun 3.5K Parabolic light is the becoming the light of choice for “complementing” the actors look during closeup shots. Often called the NASA Light or the JiffyPop light due to its unusual, but very practical design, it provides a subtle soft light source that magically smooths out those unwanted wrinkles. Actors have begun to ask for the 3.5K as their trusted partner on set.


Award-winning SoftSun® lights offer an array of unmatched performance advantages, including:

INSTANT START – SoftSun® lights requires no warm-up time. They achieve maximum power and proper color temperature the moment they are turned on.

FULLY DIMMABLE – SoftSun® lights are the only daylight color temperature light source that can be dimmed throughout 97% of its range with minimal shift in color temperature (about 100º Kelvin throughout).

EXTRAORDINARY COLOR AND RENDERING – Built around our proprietary Enhanced Spectrum Plasma™ lamps, SoftSun® lights’ color spectrum is smooth and even with none of the annoying color spikes or gaps associated with HMI or limited spectrum of Tungsten lamps. Enhanced Spectrum Plasma™ lamps provide a CRI of 96 or better and feature a 5000ºK color temperature that doesn’t vary from one lamp to another or with age.

NATURAL SOFT SOURCE – SoftSun® lights’ unique large linear bulb and reflector design result in a light source that begins as a soft natural light without the addition of diffusions to achieve the desired soft effect. There is no need to back the light off from its subject. The SoftSun® beam is natural and usable as close as one foot from the source. The parabolic 3.5K fixture provides a similarly soft source with a unique ability to wrap the subject with light from all angles.


Specifications – Head
Wattage 3,500
Lamp Type Enhanced Spectrum Plasma™
Color Temperature 5,000ºK
CRI +96
Dimensions 28″w 28″h 22″d (71 x 71 x 71 cm)
Weight 37 lbs (16.8 Kilograms)

Specifications – Power Supply – Our generation III power supply. This unit offers quiet, reliable operation in a light-weight, easy to use, rugged weather-resistant package. The power supply also features built-in DMX and accurate digital light level readout.
Input Power 200-250 VAC
50/60HZ Single Phase
Power Consumption 36 Amps
Dimensions 9″x28″x10.5″ (23 x 71 x 27 cm)
Weight 35lbs (15.9 Kilograms)

Photometric Data
Beam Angle: 42º
5ft 10ft 15ft 20ft
1.5m 3.0m 4.6m 6.1m
1,700 ftc 250 ftc 115 ftc 28 ftc