FINA 2013 International Swimming – Live Sports using 50K SoftSun

The FINA 2013 International Swimming Championships is a spectacular example of live sports using 50K SoftSun lights. The competition, broadcast live around the world for two weeks from Spain, used four (4) 50K SoftSun lights to fully illuminate the swimming pool. The 50K SoftSun lights provided the FINA International High Definition HD Broadcast with stunning color rendered images and flawless non-pulsing super slow-mo replays.

The SoftSun lights are becoming the light of choice for the lighting of World Class Swimming events because of their outstanding features:

  • Instant on with NO warmup time (unlike most stadium HID lights)
  • Dimmable down to 10% and then ramped up to 100% with No Delay…ideal for use when introducing the swimmers in a theatrical setting
  • Large Sources, so there are far fewer shadows
  • Flicker Free even at high speeds, therefore there will never be a pulse or flicker on the video even with 4K and Super Slow-mo cameras
  • Daylight source specifically designed for superior High Definition video color rendering
  • DMX Controllable

The 2013 FINA International Swimming Championships, an example of live sports using 50K SoftSun lights, was broadcast from Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain.

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